Welcome to The Eagle’s Brides International Ministries

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I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.
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Genèse 27:28
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Because Only Together We Can


Build a World Where All Women Are Safe, Strong & Valued in Faith.

Who We Are

  • Partnering to build a world where all women will gain faith.
  • We want a better life for all women by being connected in the faith.
  • We need all women all over the world.
  • We are a religious association founded in accordance with the provisions of  the word  of God. Its title is: ” MINISTERE THE EAGLE’S BRIDE INTERNATIONAL  MINISTRIES ESAIE 40:30- 31”. Its head office is located at KINSHASA, 19, rue Azéma. (The Ministry Council, which is the board of directors, is made up of the elders, the Prophets and the other elected members).

              Phts  FLORA KALONDA.


Build a World Where All Women Are Safe, Strong & Valued in Faith.

What We Do

01.We Find & Fund

In our chronogram, we are looking for various donors to enable us to finance in our turn the activities of our ministry and various other ministries and churches. 

02. We Build Networks

Educate, sensitize and train women and young girls to be able to make a good choice of spouses and know the secrets of a good marriage built on the foundations of the word of God and prayer. So that by 2025, we will have a large number of women rooted, warriors and ready for the return of Christ. 

03. We Strengthen

We make women understand the importance of remaining fervent and dynamic in prayer and finally to build lasting and powerful homes in love, perseverance, unity, submission and endurance while keeping a positive spirit in order to triumph over fights that the devil launches against marriage which is a divine institution. (Proverbs 14:1-3) 

04. We Educate

We educate, raise awareness and train women as well as young girls

05. We Provide Care

We assist orphans and the poor

06. We Consult